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Quick Facts About Mlang

Created Through

Executive Order No. 462   (on August 3, 1931)


1st Class Municipality


41,191 Hectares


Central Mindanao Region 12


40 m Above sea Level


80, 968 ( 2007 NSO Survey)

No.of Households


Household size

4.44 Persons

No. of Barangays

37 (2 Urban & 35 Rural)


wet and dry (with even rain fall all year round)

Distance from

Cotabato City 112 Kms.  Davao City 126 Kms.

Average Temperature

28-29 Degrees Celsius

Annual Income(2008)


Population Growth Rate

0.5 %

Major Crops

Rice, Sugarcane,Rubber Corn, Fruit trees ,

Tropical Fruits grown

Pomelo, Banana and Mango Coconut, Oil Palm and Banana

Major Industries

Rice Mills , Oil Palm Production, Rubber Production and             Sugarcane Production

Major Tourist Attraction:

Shrine of the Holy Cross, Swimming Resorts,  Indigenous and People Communities

Major Festival


M'lang Foundation Anniversary ( August 3

M'lang Farmers Festival( 1st week of Dec.)

Major Dialect Spoken :

Ilonggo,Cebuano,Tagalog,Ilocano and Maguindanwon


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